[Gluster-users] Question regarding attached storage and GlusterFS

thomas liakos tliakos at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 16:47:27 UTC 2011

First and foremost,

Ok, now to business: I currently commissioned four servers to run as a
four-node cluster environment, mirrored, with the replication factor
of 2. This was no problem to configure/tweak on my network for
testing, if anything, I may need some more advice on that part
later...but my primary question is in regard to adding additional

I have an MSA 60 attached to each node and need to know if there is a
way for gluster to recognize it. What I mean by recognize is how can I
add the MSA 60 to the volume that is currently running? Is there a way
to rebalance the additional storage into the running volume?


Thomas Liakos

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