[Gluster-users] "fd not open on any subvolume" causes root ownership

Dan Bretherton d.a.bretherton at reading.ac.uk
Thu Aug 4 12:16:35 UTC 2011

Hello All-
I have had a spate of these errors in one of my volumes recently, with 
GlusterFS version 3.2.2.

[2011-08-02 16:14:38.211400] W [afr-open.c:624:afr_openfd_flush] 
0-atmos-replicate-7: fd not open on any subvolume 0x2aaaaf51e174 

The files have root ownership (which is not correct) but are otherwise 
intact.  The errors occur when the files are being written and the 
problem is not restricted to one client or one server.  I have seen this 
error in GlusterFS client logs and in nfs.log.  I am not running any 
rebalance operations at the moment.

Does anybody know what causes this or how to stop it?  I hope I don't 
have to go back to doing "chown -R" in people's directories regularly to 
correct ownership problems.


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