[Gluster-users] glusterfs: Failed to get the port number for remote subvolume

Joe Whitney jwhitney+gluster-users at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 22:13:26 UTC 2010


In order to test/diagnose my gluster installation I'm following the simple
example at

I have created the file /tmp/glusterfsd.vol containing:
volume colon-o
 type storage/posix
 option directory /export

volume server
 type protocol/server
 subvolumes colon-o
 option transport-type tcp
 option auth.addr.colon-o.allow *

and the file /tmp/glusterfs.vol (note: no "d" at the end) containing:
volume client
 type protocol/client
 option transport-type tcp
 option remote-host
 option remote-subvolume colon-o

I am using a single machine (Xen VM) to test this setup so I first start the
root$ glusterfsd -f /tmp/glusterfsd.vol

then the "client":
root$ glusterfs -f /tmp/glusterfs.vol /mnt/gtest

No error is reported after either command.
Now I should be able to:

ls /mnt/gtest

and see the contents of /export

Instead what happens is that the "ls /mnt/gtest" command blocks, clearly
stuck in a syscall since I can't even ^C it and have to kill my ssh session.

I found the log file pertaining to the mount operation:
which contains many repeats of the following line (with datetime
incrementing by 3s up to the present):
[2010-10-31 21:35:43.585271] E
[client-handshake.c:773:client_query_portmap_cbk] client: failed to get the
port number for remote subvolume

Can anyone suggest the next step in diagnosing this problem?

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