[Gluster-users] Gluster in a web cluster

Craig Carl craig at gluster.com
Sun Oct 24 07:40:47 UTC 2010

Mathieu - 
We suggest using UCARP for IP failover if you are only going to use NFS, CTDB is an alternative to UCARP and is required for CIFS. I'll have some documentation about setting those up next week but it isn't difficult, you can almost certainly get it running yourself in less than an hour. 


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Mathieu - 
Gluster will work well for you, I would suggest you start testing with the Gluster NFS option in Gluster 3.1, it sounds like you could use some of the advantages that NFS client side caching gets you. 
In my case, as I want to avoid (if possible) to have a disk-serving cluster, this means accesing the local gluster volume via NFS. 
Do you mean that this would be better than using Fuse ? 

If I had to setup a failover disk cluster shared via NFS - that would mean handling IP failover using heartbeat (or something similar) - right ? 

Thanks for the recommandation ! 

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