[Gluster-users] GlusterFS 3.1 on Amazon EC2 Questions

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Joshua - 
Thanks for the great write-up! To answer Gart's questions - 

1. Ideally you shouldn't have any data on the devices you use for new Gluster volumes, we don't test that extensively. It will generally work, the self heal process will replicate & distribute the files as necessary, on first access. You can kick the self heal process off manually by running ' find . | xargs stat ' at the top of the Gluster mount point. 

2. You can read from the back end, all writes should go through the Gluster mount point. 

3. If I understand the question, he is asking if a clone or snapshot of each AMI in the cluster is an effective way to backup Gluster? If so then yes, you would want to try and snap each image as close to the same time as possible. 

Please let me know if you, or any of your readers have any other questions. 



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I'll appreciate help with the following questions by Gart on my blog 


Thanks for this accessibly straightforward series. A couple basic 
questions about the way gluster works: 

1) If I do this exercise -exactly- as you have done, but one of the 
instances EBS volume already has files on it, what happens? Will it 
immediately replicate to the other? Will the gluster daemon lazily 
replicate? Do I have to call 'rebalance' to trigger the replication? 

2) Must I perform all file access through the client mount in order to 
have integrity? Or can I read and write to the directories that are 
pointed to by the volume. 

3) One of the finest aspects of AWS is AMI creation. Can I create an 
AMI based on these servers as a way to back up both the server state 
and the file volumes? 
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