[Gluster-users] Resync failure

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Oct 17 18:46:17 UTC 2010

  On 28/09/2010 08:11, Marcus Bointon wrote:
> On 28 Sep 2010, at 06:30, Craig Carl wrote:
>> The extended attributes on the files will be different between the two servers. Depending on the version of rsync you are running it may be reporting differences because of the attributes. Can you md5sum on both servers a couple of the files rsync is telling you are out-of-sync? If there isn't a difference in the md5sum values you are good to go. Otherwise please let us know.
> When I say they're out of sync I mean that there are files on one but not the other (both ways around, so both additions and deletions have not happened at some point) - I'm using cluster/replicate.

Hi Marcus

Can you confirm that you got into this situation by "fiddling" with the 
files outside of gluster?

I hate reading reports like this on the list because it worries me that 
stuff can get out of sync, but in at least the majority of cases the 
"reason" for the lack of sync appears to be some variation of talking to 
the underlying volume directly rather than through the gluster mount 
point?  Can you confirm your problem was traced to this?


Ed W

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