[Gluster-users] Failsafe replication between two DC - getting trash in files.

Alexander Voronin alexander.voronin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 14:56:39 UTC 2010

Thanx, James!

Is there any solution for such kind of problems? I do not like idea to have
4 connections to each server from each client in each DC instead of this

5 октября 2010 г. 17:12 пользователь Burnash, James
<jburnash at knight.com>написал:

> Hi Alex - Доброе утро (по крайней мере здесь)
> The problem with replication on both the server and the client is that the
> server does not (I believe) have an awareness of what the client is doing. I
> did post a thread asking about best practices for replication (I was leaning
> towards server side to keep that traffic local), and was told that client
> side replication was recommended and supported.
> I think you're seeing corruption on your copies because both the client and
> the server are replicating.
> Also - the reason you didn't get an email directly from me last time was
> that I only send to the list unless requested otherwise. I'm copying you
> directly this time.
> Thanks,
> James Burnash, Unix Engineering
> --
когда я опустился на самое дно, снизу мне постучали..

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