[Gluster-users] [unsupported i386] glusterfs_3.1.1qa9-1_i386.deb

Deadpan110 deadpan110 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 09:34:56 UTC 2010

Just a quick update...

I have been very busy with other things today and still have not
tested everything but I figured I would share this.

(My sites have been down today caused by an unexpected second power
outage at the datacenter - so my above link was unavailable for a

Again... Do NOT use this in a production environment...

I have just installed using the deb on 2 nodes... and then
'/etc/init.d/glusterd start' on both nodes.

Working on node 1:
# gluster peer probe node2

I then checked things were fine on both nodes:
# dsh -a -M 'gluster peer status' | grep Uuid
node1: Uuid: 103c42f2-6b8e-4b49-8a25-0c1e90033bcd
node2: Uuid: 7d1f3b46-e3f4-4c79-a9e3-d6465cd5e313
(If you do not use dsh, you can run 'gluster peer status' on both
nodes - I did this to ensure both nodes are using different Uuid's)

Setup a distributed replicated volume with:
# gluster volume create test-volume replica 2 transport tcp
node1:/mnt/tmp1 node2:/mnt/tmp2

Start the volume:
gluster volume start test-volume

This time I used native mounting:
mount -t glusterfs node1:/test-volume /mnt/data/mirror/
(a short and usual delay)

Then I copied a file (4KB) into the mirror directory:
cp /some/path/file.txt /mnt/data/mirror/

I checked the backend storage on both nodes had the file and both
nodes reported:
node1 # ls -al /mnt/tmp1
-rwxr--r-- 1 root root     3145 2010-11-24 07:50 file.txt
node2 # ls -al /mnt/tmp2
-rwxr--r-- 1 root root     3145 2010-11-24 07:50 file.txt
The frontend on node1 was also was correct:
node1 # ls -al /mnt/data/mirror/
-rwxr--r-- 1 root root     3145 2010-11-24 07:50 file.txt

Superb and as expected... (glusterfs 3.1.0 had very high cpu usage in
my previous playtime - but this was quick and smooth)

OK, now I got curious... so on node2:
# mount -t glusterfs node2:/test-volume /mnt/data/mirror/

Copy a bigger file (20MB) into the mirror while on node2
# cp /path/to/20MBfile.txt /mnt/data/mirror/

Again, quick and smooth... thats not right is it?

node1 # ls-al /mnt/data/mirror/
-rw-------  1 root root 20205782 2010-11-24 07:57 20MBfile.txt

node2 # ls-al /mnt/data/mirror/
-rw-------  1 root root 20205782 2010-11-24 07:57 20MBfile.txt

This is no way of testing for stability or should let anyone think
that this is safe for production use. I next want to test multiple
rsyncs on both nodes and give the whole lot a little bit of a sweat.

But compared to the glusterfs 3.1.0 I toyed with, this did not seem to
cause overheads I experienced and only testing 2 files I can not yet
see if there are short reads or inconstant data.

I will do a little more testing over the next few days.


On 23 November 2010 16:28, Deadpan110 <deadpan110 at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is totally unsupported by the glusterfs devs so please read the
> following with care!
> 1. I have never built a deb before and this is my 1st ever attempt
> 2. The package may be missing a dependency or two
> 3. dpkg-depcheck told me that libasound was needed (I am unsure why)
> 4. I have not yet fully tested (read below)
> 5. I built this package to make glusterfs easier to install and remove
> on my playground of virtual nodes.
> Do NOT use this in a production environment - even more so as it has
> been packaged from a QA release.
> I will NOT take any responsibility for data loss, system crashes,
> earth quakes and acts of god - you download and use at your own risk.
> The official gluster devs will not help in any way shape or form for
> any i386 installation of glusterfs at this current time of writing -
> so do not even ask!
> 1. Built on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 i686 2.6.32-21-generic-pae #32-Ubuntu
> 2. I have only tested on 1 node and used NFS mounting at this point in
> time, gluster froze at about 7% done when I tried to copy a file
> (74MB) into the NFS mount (I am unsure if the NFS nolock option could
> have helped this).
> 3. I have not yet tried native fuse mounting.
> Again - use at your own risk!
> http://indbl.gs/glusterfs311qa91i386deb
> MD5: fcb8d7130390a51c334ade0aecdfffb6
> Martin

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