[Gluster-users] Shared storage for KVM

Udo Waechter udo.waechter at uni-osnabrueck.de
Tue Nov 23 18:01:42 UTC 2010


On 23.11.2010, at 18:41, Kristofer Pettijohn wrote:

> Would you be willing to share what your configs look like for this set up?

There are no configs. We use Gluster 3.1 and simply did "gluster volume create brick1:/bla brick2:/bla brick3:/bla"
Then some settings for auth.allow 

That was it.

I do not understand how one can change config files in 3.1 such that the cluster (i.e. bricks) get notified about it. Everything should be automatic, but our experiments show that none of this is true.
The gluster command itself does not allow for very much tuning and/or setting of parameters.

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