[Gluster-users] Problems with Gluster 3.1 and replicate/mirror

Hugo Cisneiros (Eitch) hugo.cisneiros at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 14:48:58 UTC 2010

Hi :)

In another thread, I had problems with the quick-read translator that
was fixed on 3.1.1. Since I'm using 3.1.0 I disabled the translator
and the updates on small files began to work fine.

Now, I'm having another problem. I'm using 2 servers in
replicate/mirror mode. I can't always reproduce the problem, but it's
happening some times at random. For example, there's a file named
tags.txt on the gluster filesystem, accessed on both clients using
fuse. Both servers can read and update it.

Sometimes, when I update the file on one of the clients, it breaks its
access in the other client:

server1$ md5sum tags.txt
server1$ cat tags.txt
[... full contents of the file ...]

server2$ md5sum tags.txt
server2$ cat tags.txt
cat: tags.txt: No such file or directory

Using vim to edit the file also gives me a "Permission denied". I can
read the directory contents, and even get a md5 checksum of the file,
but when trying to access the file, it fails :( The problem is fixed
when I remount the gluster mount point at the client 2.

I think there's some split brain ocurring. Log messages includes some of those:

W [fuse-bridge.c:2075:fuse_readdir_cbk] glusterfs-fuse: 1074214:
READDIR => -1 (File descriptor in bad state)
I [afr-dir-read.c:171:afr_examine_dir_readdir_cbk] blogs-mirror:
entry self-heal triggered. path: /upload/19/files, reason: check
sums of directory differ, forced merge option set
E [afr-common.c:110:afr_set_split_brain] blogs-mirror: invalid argument: inode

W [fuse-bridge.c:570:fuse_fd_cbk] glusterfs-fuse: 1065386: OPEN()
/tags.txt => -1 (No such file or directory)

There's lot of these, saying that an entry self-heal is triggered.

Maybe a good option to solve this is re-syncing (with rsync, for
example) the server 2 with the server 1. But is this a known bug or
something? I remember this happening when I was messing with read-only
options and translators.



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