[Gluster-users] monitor connections and activity?

Craig Carl craig at gluster.com
Fri Nov 5 07:20:09 UTC 2010

Matt - 
We have Gluster top and some other monitoring tools in the works, in the meantime the Gluster profiler in 3.1 can get you some stats - 

#gluster volume set <volname> diagnostics.latency-measurement on 
#gluster volume set <volname> diagnostics.dump-fd-stats on 
#gluster volume start <volname> 
#setfattr -n glusterfs.io.stats.dump -v /tmp/<dummy_file> /mnt/client2 

The error message reported by setfattr can be ignored. Latency and fd-stats data would be present in the respective log files of the glusterfs processes. 


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From: "Matt Hodson" <matth at geospiza.com> 
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Sent: Thursday, November 4, 2010 11:32:31 AM 
Subject: [Gluster-users] monitor connections and activity? 

Is there a way using gluster to monitor number of mounts to a gluster 
cluster and any current activity? 

Matt Hodson 
Scientific Customer Support, Geospiza 
(206) 633-4403, Ext. 111 

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