[Gluster-users] Gluster crashing system

Adrian Moisey adrian at yola.com
Thu Nov 4 10:58:56 UTC 2010


I am busy testing gluster to see if it will help in our environment. But I
seem to be having a few issues with it.
I'm testing on a few virtual machines (VirtualBox) running Ubuntu hardy.
I've got Glusterfs 3.0.1 installed in a 'raid-1' configuration (I generated
the config files with glusterfs-volgen).

My first test was to untar drupal onto the partition. It seemed to go fine
but stared pausing and going slow. When this happened my second machine
crashed and needed a reboot. I did notice that the second machine didn't
have all the untarred files, whereas the first one did have all the files.
I've been trying over and over again but the problem persists.

Can anyone provide any pointers? I've checked the logs but can't find
anything useful.


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