[Gluster-users] Stripe volumes questions

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Regular stripe is the same as distributed stripe.  In 3.1, you can expand
a striped volume, but you have to expand it by the number of servers in
the stripe configuration.  For example, if you have a stripe volume with 4
servers, you can expand that volume if you add another 4 servers.  You
cannot expand from 3 to 4.  Before using stripe, it is a good idea to
understand where stripe will work and where it will not work.  It is
intended for environments where you have very large files that are written
once or only written to rarely, and those files are read by a large number
of clients simultaneously.  The reason there is so much focus on write is
because even small changes can cause a significant amount of re-writing in
the data when in a stripe volume as the data needs to be restriped.


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Gluster 3.0.x documentation doesn't mention stripe volume but the 3.1
documentation (not linked but googled) mentions stripe only in
conjunction with distributed stripe. Does this mean that plain stripe
is no longer available as an option?

Earlier 2.x documentation mentions that striped volume cannot be
expanded after setup. Does this hold true for 3.x or is this why plain
striped is no longer available and distributed stripe can get around
this limitation?

Fundamentally, my concern is that if I start with a 4 volume
distributed or plain stripe to present a single large file (such as a
virtual disk) to the client machine, would I be able to expand
subsequently by adding more volumes/server?
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