[Gluster-users] Documentation for cluster/map translator, and timeline for production readiness?

Nathan Dauchy Nathan.Dauchy at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 30 16:11:40 UTC 2010


We are trying to find a way to force a set of subdirectories to be
written to a selected brick.  I see xlators/cluster/map in the source,
and am wondering if it would do what we want, but I can't find any
documentation for it.  It appears as though the (old) cluster/unify
translator with the "switch" scheduler would be close to what we want,
but that is based on file names rather than directory paths.

Can anyone provide information on the development state of cluster/map,
and when will it be "production ready"?  What would a configuration file
for it look like?

Sorry if I am missing some obvious documentation somewhere!


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