[Gluster-users] Documentation for cluster/map translator, and timeline for production readiness?

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Wed Mar 31 09:12:12 UTC 2010

> We are trying to find a way to force a set of subdirectories to be
> written to a selected brick.  I see xlators/cluster/map in the source,
> and am wondering if it would do what we want, but I can't find any
> documentation for it.

Yes! cluster/map can do it for you.

>  It appears as though the (old) cluster/unify
> translator with the "switch" scheduler would be close to what we want,
> but that is based on file names rather than directory paths.
both 'cluster/unify' and 'cluster/distribute' wants all the directories on
all the subvolumes, and only files gets distributed (even if you use

> Can anyone provide information on the development state of cluster/map,
> and when will it be "production ready"?  What would a configuration file
> for it look like?
Development on 'map' is halted as of now, and we don't have it in our
immediate roadmap for sure. Hence, no planned dates on making it 'production

volume of map will look like below if you are interested to test:

volume map
   type testing/cluster/map
   option map-directory  "/dir1:subvol1;/dir2:subvol2;*:subvol3"
   subvolumes subvol1 subvol2 subvol3

Disclaimer: Both development team and QA team haven't touched map in quite a
long time, and don't be surprised if it doesn't even start :O

Sorry if I am missing some obvious documentation somewhere!
As it was never got used in mainstream, we never wrote anything about it.
Source code is only place where one can notice it as of now.


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