[Gluster-users] Lock error with mysql over gluster

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Thu Mar 25 05:47:08 UTC 2010

> volume locks1
> type features/locks
> whereas you have
> > volume locks1
> > type features/posix-locks
> Perhaps try 3.x version? Looks like there have been some changes made to
> locking. Not sure how 'posix-locks' became 'locks' but clearly something is
> updated. I am not using DHT but that probably should not matter for locks.

To makes things clear about how glusterfs understand 'type' of a volume
defined in the vol file.

GlusterFS does try to open a shared library file located at
"${XLATOR_DIR}/<given/type/in-vol-file>.so". Now, if you look at the
directory '${XLATOR_DIR}/features/', you can find that posix-locks.so is a
symlink to 'locks.so'. Hence they both are actually same library (ie, same
type in volume file).

Other symlinks used are

cluster/dht -> cluster/distribute
cluster/afr  -> cluster/replicate


Now coming to locks issues, yes, we did fix some issues with 'flock()' in
recent 3.0.x version. Please use 3.0.2+ version, and let us know how it


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