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Andy Pace APace at singlehop.com
Thu Jun 24 16:49:08 UTC 2010

When is a good time to defrag? Is it something I should cron (hourly? Daily?) to make sure files are evenly distributed amongst each brick? 

Files on our gluster infrastructure are going to be changing very often (xen sparse image files), and the last thing I want is a brick to become full, and having to take down VM's to distribute them to a less occupied brick.

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On 06/24/2010 10:57 AM, Andy Pace wrote:
> Good call.
> However, when running scale-n-defrag.sh (not supposed to run defrag.sh 
> standalone apparently), i get a lot of errors:
> find: `setfattr': No such file or directory

The setfattrs are actually attribute deletes, so deleting what already didn't exist is a no-op.  I was working with another user on the IRC channel yesterday who was seeing the same thing.  The approach we came up with was:

(1) Remove the xattrs *on the server side* to make sure they're well and truly gone and there won't be any inconsistent remnants to cause problems later.

(2) Mount with lookup-unhashed and unhashed-sticky-bit enabled.

(3) Run scale-n-defrag.sh on the client to redistribute *and* make sure all of the maps/links are consistent.

I haven't heard back about the results yet, but a test on one directory seemed to work correctly so he seemed to feel comfortable doing it across the whole data set (personally I would have sought more input from the real devs first).

> is it safe to ignore thouse? because it seems to have defragged
> anyway:
> Defragmenting directory /distributed//29150
> (/root/defrag-store-29150.log) Completed directory

Seems promising, but the real question is whether examining disk usage across the bricks shows improved distribution.

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