[Gluster-users] How can I mount a glsuterfs with a specific user ?

Fabien Charlet fabien.charlet at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 12:59:16 UTC 2010

Hello !

I gave glusterfs a try this week-end.
My goal is to replicate of a sub directory of the home of my user on a
server in my LAN.

I read the documentation and achieve the replication with the server.
So my client has itself a server with a local LVM volume which is replicated
on the server.

But when I mount this glusterfs in the /home (via the fstab) it belongs to
root. So my user can't directly write in it.

I played with parameters of mount (uid, gid, umask ...) but nothing made the
directory belong to my user.

Is there a way to change the owner of a glusterfs mount ?

My client (and server) is a Linux Mint 9 (the version of glusterfs is
The server is a Xubuntu 10.04 (with the exact same version of glusterfs).

Best regards,


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