[Gluster-users] slow rsync

Bryan McGuire bmcguire at newnet66.org
Fri Jun 4 17:54:51 UTC 2010


I have a working Glusterfs setup with two nodes mirroring their  
bricks. Both are server and client.

I am trying to copy our email data (around 400 GB) from /fs/mail to / 
mnt/glusterfs/mail (gluster mount) in order to test the setup before  

Using rsync the first time to 29 hours.

I am currently performing a second rsync as I would like to get up to  
date data for testing.

rsync -rva --delete /fs/mail/* /mnt/glusterfs/mail

This is still taking forever!  Any advice, or is their a faster way to  
get this accomplished?

Could I use /fs/mail as the source for glusterfs in one node and sync  
to the second node?

Bryan McGuire
Senior Network Engineer
NewNet 66

bmcguire at newnet66.org

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