[Gluster-users] Maintainance mode for bricks

Fred Stober fred.stober at kit.edu
Wed Apr 14 12:20:33 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 14 April 2010, Tejas N. Bhise wrote:
> Fred,
> Would you like to tell us more about the use case ? Like why would you want
> to do this ? If we take a brick out, it would not be possible to get it
> back in ( with the existing data ).

Ok, here is our use case:
We have a small test system running on 3 file servers. cluster/distribute is 
used to give a flat view of the file servers. Now have the problem that one 
file server is going to be replaced with a larger one. Therefore we want to 
put the old file server into read only mode to rsync the files to the new 
server. Unfortunately this will take ~2days. During this time it would be 
nice to keep the glusterfs in read/write mode.

If I understand it correctly, I should be able to use "lookup-unhashed" to 
reintegrate the new fileserver in the existing file system, when we switch 
off the old server.


Fred-Markus Stober
stober at cern.ch
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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