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This works as you would expect.  To NOT have a single point of failure you need
to have a minimum of two (2) GlusterFS servers and you need to use replicate
translator to mirror (between volumes on each server).  Replicating between two
volumes on a single GFS server would give you a RAID1-like setup, but the server
would be a single point of failure.  In addition you may want to use the
distribute translator if you want to distribute across multiple volumes on each
server.  For lack of a better term that gives you a RAID10-like setup.  You can
then mount the GFS volume on as many clients as you wish.


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I didn't explain this very well, basically I've got several glusterfs
clients and I'd like to connect them all to the same replicated
glusterfs volume. Has anybody else tried this? If so, are there any
problems I need to be aware of?




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