[Gluster-users] weird scenario, how to sync?

Kyle kyle at ozu.es
Thu Apr 8 14:05:11 UTC 2010

Hi list

I'm configuring a new installation using Xen and GlusterFS and for the
moment it was going ok, but there is a thing it makes me to be a bit

I have 6 physical servers (4 cores, 4Gb RAM, enough disk) ---> node1....
Each server runs 1 Xen server

I have configured a dist-repli glusterfs between the physical servers (3
dist--- replicated---3 dist)
The file-system shared is /home/xen in each server
/home/xen has the 6 Xen machines (xen1... xen6)

If node1 goes down, I would like to launch xen1 in node2, for instance,
but if there is no node which does a ls -lR in the client side, the
replication is not beign done, and the xen server doesn't have the earlier

I'll try to explain this using an example with 2 servers

1.- node1 exports /home
2.- node2 exports /home
3.- in node1 I configure 1 xen machine in /home/xen/xen1
4.- I configure a client.vol in node1 to replicate /home in node2 (mount
-t glusterfs client.vol /mnt)
5.- I do "ls -lR" in /mnt in node1 to sync both servers
once the sync finished I run xen1 in node1
6.- I log into xen1 and I execute "touch /root/file.txt" and I poweroff
the xen machine
7.- I log into node2 and I run xen1 but /root/file.txt doesn't appear

If before to do point #7 I do a "ls -lR" in /mnt and once it finished I
run xen1 in node2 the file appears.....

So, my question is.. is there any way to keep syncronized both servers
without using "ls -lR"?

Thanks in advance


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