[Gluster-users] Unify namespace re-creation (Was: No space left on device...)

Kali Hernandez kali at thenetcircle.com
Tue Apr 6 10:47:43 UTC 2010

Well, let's say I changed my mind about the namespace node(s) after I 
had started moving a lot of data. In my case, I have dedicated 2 full 
nodes (which is quite useless) as namespace nodes.

After realizing I did wrong, I want delete my namespace data from those 
nodes, and add their storage space to the cluster. I would delete the 
zero-sized files stored on those nodes, and then add them in the client 
config as 2 nodes mirrored, later aggregated in the unify config.

As I will need to have some namespace node config for unify, I add 
another brick-ns config on the server side on those 2 nodes, and I set 
the client volume to use the new brick-ns's (replicated) as namespace on 
my unify. But the info here is empty, so Unify will not be able to find 
any file.

Is there any way so I can re-create all the namespace info?

Would it work if I just move (when both client and servers are down) the 
info from the current brick to the newly created brick-ns storage folder?

Can I freely add new nodes to the Unify'ed gluster? I am using ALU 

Like I said earlier, moving all my data files into the new gluster takes 
LONG, as much as 4 days (with such a poor transfer speed)...

Thanks in advance!


On 04/06/2010 05:14 PM, Krzysztof Strasburger wrote:
> You don't need to dedicate nodes for the namespace. It contains only
> directory entries with zero sizes. I simply made replicated namespace on
> 3 nodes carrying also the real data, in separate directories. This way,
> there is no SPOF with unify and no space is wasted. Make sure that the
> underlying filesystems have enough inode entries (this is usually not
> a problem, unless you create many small files).
> Krzysztof

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