[Gluster-users] No space left on device (when there is actually lots of free space)

Krzysztof Strasburger strasbur at chkw386.ch.pwr.wroc.pl
Tue Apr 6 09:14:25 UTC 2010

On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 04:46:10PM +0800, Kali Hernandez wrote:
> >>Does the Unify translator work properly in 2.0.x?
> >>     
> >Seems to work, I'm using it ;).
> >   
> The worst point on using Unify, for me, is the need of the namespace 
> child. As I can't risk on having a SPOF there, I had to take 2 nodes out 
> for making the namespace node, thus loosing ~ 40 Gb of effective storage 
> size. Any better config suggestion is more than welcome :-)
You don't need to dedicate nodes for the namespace. It contains only 
directory entries with zero sizes. I simply made replicated namespace on
3 nodes carrying also the real data, in separate directories. This way,
there is no SPOF with unify and no space is wasted. Make sure that the 
underlying filesystems have enough inode entries (this is usually not
a problem, unless you create many small files).

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