[Gluster-users] replication problem

Jeff Evans jeffe at tricab.com
Wed Sep 2 00:24:29 UTC 2009

>> I live migrate the VM's to the node that is staying up, then
>> back
> again when the reboot is complete.
> 2 questunes here ,
> - what happen if the reboot is at night(self reboot of the
> server) iv seen it happen
> and nobody there to do the migration ? the all thing breaks ?

You can use things like cluster suite or ultra monkey to auto migrate,
or restart vm's in the case of a crash or reboot, but this is
> - what do you mean migrating ?
> as i understand kvm migration is move images from a server to
> another with the same storage so the storage is the same anyway .

The instance of the running VM is relocated to another server using
the same storage, yes.

> also migration will need to use the gluster mount point anyway so
> we stay with the running server only while the other still
> offline

Yes, works for me ;)

> The all things looks very uncomftable or am i wrong ?
> I thought maybbe there is a way to work this without bothering
> KVM etc.. :) and just let it work , kind of laisy with this
> things :)

Sounds like you're looking for a cluster frame work, outside the scope
of glusterfs, which is just a FS.


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