[Gluster-users] adding bricks

Thomas Wakefield twake at cola.iges.org
Thu Nov 19 18:47:26 UTC 2009

This seems to have helped, thanks.

On Nov 19, 2009, at 12:12 PM, Amar Tumballi wrote:

>> What's the best way to add bricks, and get distribute to use them?  I
>> added 2 more bricks, and the total size increased for the filesystem,
>> but i can't get any traffic on the new disks.  I remounted the
>> filesystem, and ran an ls -Rl , but i still don't see any traffic to
>> the disks.  I do see that the file tree was created on the new disks.
> Currently there is no 'hot' add feature which will take care of the 
> addition of new bricks. To achieve the proper distribution, you need 
> to force 'distribute' self heal by removing the extended attribute on 
> the directories.
> Try running this:
> bash# find /mnt/glusterfs -type d -exec setfattr -x trusted.glusterfs.dht {} \;
> (Note that this works for versions 2.0.8 or higher).
> Regards,

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