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Raghavendra G raghavendra at gluster.com
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Hi Thomas,

If you are creating files in the directories existing at the time of adding a brick, the new brick is not considered for distribution, since the layout of distribution of files in those directories has already been constructed (and stored in the directories using extended attributes) and layout is freshly constructed during directory creation. Only the directories created after you add a brick will include the new brick (along with existing bricks) in the layout and hence only these directories can have files distributed on the new brick.

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What's the best way to add bricks, and get distribute to use them?  I added 2 more bricks, and the total size increased for the filesystem, but i can't get any traffic on the new disks.  I remounted the filesystem, and ran an ls -Rl , but i still don't see any traffic to the disks.  I do see that the file tree was created on the new disks. 

This is what i have for distribute:

volume distribute
 type cluster/distribute
 subvolumes brick_g1a brick_g1b brick_g1c brick_g1d

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