[Gluster-users] Booster- What Apache version works best?

Tim Runion - System Administrator tdrunion at vsmedia.com
Wed Aug 26 20:40:56 UTC 2009

Hi all, I have been testing out Booster with Apache 2.2 but it doesn't
seem to work. I'm getting core dumps. What am I doing wrong? Could
someone please explain how you got Booster working, what configure
statement did you use for apache, mpm=worker, prefork?? It seems to work
ok with apache 1.3 but gives me a warning about "unable to open file
descriptors above 15"


I'm using CentOS 5.3

Apache 2.2 (built from source)

GlusterFS 2.0.6 (4 nodes with server and client loaded on each box,
export DIR is about 300G, using apache to server jpg's)









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