[Gluster-users] Poor performance with AFR

Stefan Boresch stefan at mdy.univie.ac.at
Thu Sep 18 08:47:22 UTC 2008

Dear everyone,

thank you for your replies. I have some additional data that have
clarified issues for me a bit:

I have repeated my tests without AFR (basically replicating the plain
NFS setup)

> >                 CP-A                  MAKE
> > local disk      < 5sec                < 0.3sec
> > NFS (100MBit)    55sec+-2sec          < 2sec
> > glusterfs (I)    4m29sec               17sec
> > glusterfs (II)   4m05sec               18sec
glusterfs w/o AFR    45+-2 sec              9sec   <==NEW

So, most of the poor performance is due to AFR. Note that the
copy actually is now faster than NFS. Interestingly, make
still runs much slower (although compared to the actual
compile time, this overhead should be negligible in practice)

Also, upon running some NFS benchmarks between the two servers, I
noted some strange results, letting me suspect some creeping hardware

So, I guess I'll (a) wait for glusterfs 1.4.x and (b) look out for
some better hardware to test things in the meantime. 

Sorry if I caused confusion; I should have checked some of these things

Best regards,

Stefan Boresch

Stefan Boresch
Institute for Computational Biological Chemistry
University of Vienna, Waehringerstr. 17       A-1090 Vienna, Austria
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