[Gluster-users] Gluster 1.4.qa47 AFR problem(s)

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Thu Nov 13 09:21:17 UTC 2008

I have some strange problems with 1.4.qa47 using AFR

I have 2 servers (config's below) that AFR eachother.

when one of the servers goes down, I get strange behavior on the other one.
the filesystem being AFR'ed is the user home directory (and web roots)

whenevr one of the servers is down, the other one gets a "Transport 
endpoint is not connected" errors anytime someone tries to stat a 
file that doesn't exist

for example.  if the file /glusterfs/exists is there then you can 
read and do an ls on the file and all that good stuff, but if 
/glusterfs/nothere  doesn't exist, then whenever you try to ls or 
even touch the file it gives the transport error

this is really not handy.  especially when a webserver is looking for 
.htaccess files which don't exist.  it fails because it gets an error 
rather than file not found, so none of the web roots are accessible 
until the other server comes back online.

hope that helps.


volume home1
   type storage/posix
   option directory /gluster/home

volume posix-locks-home1
   type features/posix-locks
   option mandatory on
   subvolumes home1

volume home2
   type protocol/client
   option transport-type tcp/client
   option remote-host ##.##.##.##
   option remote-subvolume posix-locks-home1
   option transport-timeout 10
atively low

volume server
   type protocol/server
   option transport-type tcp/server
   subvolumes posix-locks-home1
   option auth.addr.posix-locks-home1.allow ##.##.##.##,

### Create automatic file replication
volume home
   type cluster/afr
   option read-subvolume posix-locks-home1
   subvolumes posix-locks-home1 home2

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