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Aleynikov, Serge Serge.Aleynikov at gs.com
Tue Nov 11 23:52:22 UTC 2008

Thanks for your suggestion.  The setup works as described.  This brought
two more questions:
1. Is it possible to run the gclusterfs client not as a root user?  I
see in tcp-client.c that it's trying to open a priviledged port, which
means that it requires root rights, but I didn't find in docs a
statement that it has to run as root.
2. Is it possible to have a setup where on N participating hosts (named
one, two, three in the example below) would have their local directory
(/local/data) available to all glusterfs clients (as
/mnt/data/{one,two,three}) so that by default no data would be copied
from host to host:
Host   LocalResource  SharedResource
one    /local/data    /mnt/data/one
two    /local/data    /mnt/data/two
three  /local/data    /mnt/data/three
In this setup if I am on the host 'one' and do:
$ cd /mnt/data
$ grep "Test" /mnt/data/*/test.txt
that this would actually go to corresponding hosts, fetch the local file
/local/data/test.txt and send it to the host executing the grep command,
so that it can be processed there.
This setup could be described as a mount of Host:/local/data to
Is this setup achievable through glusterfs?

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		I am new to this list, and would like to find out if
GlusterFS can serve the following need. 

		I have N servers running services that log to local disk
and I need the content of these local logs to be replicated in
"close-to-real-time" to some central storage to be accessible by other

		Can I use GlusterFS for this purpose?  If so, could you
point me to a sample configuration setup? 

	Yes, you can use.
	Run glusterfs server on central storage node. with the following
spec file
	volume storage
	    type storage/posix
	    option directory <export-directory>
	volume server
	    type protocol/server
	    option transport-type <tcp-or-ibverbs>
	    option auth.addr.storage.allow <ipaddress-or-username>
	    subvolumes storage
	On the machines where your log files are updated, mount
glusterfs using the following spec:
	volume client
	    type protoco/client
	    option remote-host <ipaddress>
	    option remote-subvolume storage
	volume local-storage
	     type  storage/posix
	     option directory <local-directory>
	volume afr
	     type cluster/afr
	     subvolumes local-storage client
	And point your logging process to log on mounted directory.




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