[Gluster-users] adding a NUFA node - reread config?

m.c.wilkins at massey.ac.nz m.c.wilkins at massey.ac.nz
Tue Nov 4 00:17:00 UTC 2008


I have a NUFA setup.  Can I add another node without disrupting

The gluster did have two nodes; I added a third.  I could not get
glusterfsd to reread its config (tried a HUP), so I ended up: 1)
starting glusterfsd on the new node, 2) umount'ing on the two original
nodes and starting glusterfsd again.  This resulted in an outage.

So can I just get glusterfsd to reread its config?  Or is there
another way to do this in a seamless fashion?

Thank you


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