[Gluster-users] some thoughts please on setting up a software archive based on glusterfs

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Mon Jul 28 16:54:10 UTC 2008

Dear Daniel

> On Mon, 28 Jul 2008 07:15:00 -0400 (EDT)
> webmaster at securitywonks.org wrote:
>> Our website is based on PHP/MySQL combination. Initially, I didnot
>> understand how we can input files to GlusterFS based System and how to
>> trigger AFR for automatic replication etc.
> File replication is triggered more or less automatically : when files
> and directories in the mountpoint are interacted with via normal
> everyday usage, Gluster takes care of the replication of those
> interactions directly.

hopefully, if we define number of copies in AFR, will it take care of
things and do replications?.

one more thing is, I find RAID5 or RAID6 or RAID10 or RAID60 is required.
I also read a statement that, either AFR needs to be enabled or we need to
use RAID levels to have data redundancy.

which one you recommend?

what is the minimum number of copies we can make using AFR for added
redundancy? (I read Google stores 3 copies of it's data for added
redundancy, can we follow that rule and keep 3 copies using AFR?) or keep
some more copies?

then, what are your thoughts about RAID levels sir?

is RAID1 ok inthe above situation or, alternatively, keeping economics is
mind, if we go with multiple AFR copies, can we proceed. Please share your
thoughts on this, thank you

>> I read in some document that FTP, SSH can be used for uploading files
>> to GlusterFS based system.
> A Gluster client process simply uses Fuse to create the mountpoint.
> Once the mountpoint exists, it can be accessed just like any other
> directory in the filesystem, thus any normal way of creating,
> modifying, or deleting files is usable.  Basically anything that can
> interact with filesystem objects can interact with a Gluster mountpoint
> (FTP and SCP included).

I read about fuse before, from whose website, I came to know about these
Userspace file systems. please tell me, if we have to use one Gluster
CLient per server? or how do you count that?

my initial plan to start this website is to use one dedicated server (for
web server, mysql server purpose), I wish to use the same as gluster
client as well from which I will initiate http file download requests.
Likewise, I think, I need to use the same server to upload files to the
glusterfs based storage servers.

I wish to use 2 glusterfs storage servers initially and grow them as along
the site growth.

please share your thoughts sir.

>> I am currently trying to find if there is any other documentation that
>> clarifies this situation. Also, more info on how we will construct a
>> url to the hosted files using http protocol, also will they be
>> accessible directly or with a password etc lot of questions.
> http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/

thanks for confirmation for this as well, so, you mean, we construct file
headers etc as normal as before in the same way. I read in a doc that,
clients authentication occur either with pre-defined list of IP addresses
(glusterfs clients) or by using pre-defined list of username/password
combinations. hopefully, we have a better way of using it, thank you

>> can we use php file system functions directly to deal with files
>> hosted on glusterfs based system?
> Yes.

 I am relaxed a bit better after your confirmation in writing that I can
use php file system functions, ftp and scp, ssh functions the same way as
before even with glusterfs file system.

thank you Mr.Daniel once again.

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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> Daniel Maher <dma AT witbe DOT net>

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