[Gluster-users] Unify over AFR with pre-existing data

baggio liu baggioss at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 06:47:01 UTC 2008

Hi ,
    thanks for reply. And pls see my comment inline. And  question is still
pending. has any more grace way to fix this issue??


2008/7/23 Keith Freedman <freedman at freeformit.com>:

> I had 2 situations with pre-existing data and I solved the both 2 different
> ways.
> 1), I followed the instructions in the link provided, however, I was
> running xfs on the underlying filesystem and so the command to add
> attributes is different.
> in this case, it's attr instead of setfattr to set the extended attribute.
>  Also, I *think* the actual attribute name is different.

   The extension attr names are hard-code , so it should not change
according to underlying fs.

> so, what I recommend is to create one file through gluster, view it's
> extended attributes through the base filesystem then apply those to the
> remaining files.
> 2) This is the less friendly but more surefire solution:
> make the gluster source point a sub directory in the source filesystem.
> then "move" the files into the gluster filesystem.
> This is less handy for "live" data, but it does insure the existing data is
> properly "glustered"

      This way can make data right, but too many extra cost has been
involved. In our plan, hundreds of TB should be stored in this fs , This
loop may cost several days . So it can not be tolerated.

> here's what I did:
> GLUSTER SOURCE /home/home
> GLUSTER MOUNT POINT /gluster/home
> (this may not be syntatically correct):
> cd /home
> for i in *
> do
> if [ $i != 'glusterhome' ]
>  mv $i glusterhome
>  ln -s gluster/home/$i $i
> fi
> then unmount /gluster/home, unmount /home   remount /home on /gluster
> now you have /gluster/home with your data which has the gluster attributes
> attached.
> mount glusterfs from /gluster/home  to /home
> I actually used this second procedure  to get the data onto my new AFR
> mirror.  It slowed the process down since it was replicating 50GB of data
> while moving it form disk to disk, but I'm not sure it slowed it down much.

> it seems to really mostly just reduce disk thrashing and my copy was going
> at near network speed.

        BTW, I'm not very clear of it, Could you explain in detail? or list
some example, test result, and so on. thx

> Keith
> At 07:11 PM 7/22/2008, baggio liu wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>>   I have configured a cluster with unify over afr. one of server in afr
>> has some pre-existing  data.  And I want to make these data can be seen by
>> client.
>>   Some  config have been done according to
>>      "Setting up AFR on two servers with pre-existing data"
>> <
>> http://gluster.org/docs/index.php/Setting_up_AFR_on_two_servers_with_pre-existing_data
>> >
>> http://gluster.org/docs/index.php/Setting_up_AFR_on_two_servers_with_pre-existing_data
>>   But namespace can not aware with those data.
>>   After afr completing, ls at client , pre-existing  data can not be seen.
>> cat  them, Input/output error can be found.
>>   What should I fix them? Thank you for any help.
>> Regards
>> Baggio
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