[Gluster-users] Glusterfs could not open spec file

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Wed Jul 2 08:16:33 UTC 2008

Hi Rajasekhar,
Please find comments inlined.

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 4:20 PM, rajasekhar gurram <
rajasekhar.gurram at locuz.com> wrote:

>  Dear Team,
> I have installed and configured gluster in one server and client.
> one time it was worked fine, again later it is not working.
> my configuration files.
> server
> [root at rhel2 ~]# cat /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-server.vol
> volume rhel2
>   type storage/posix                   # POSIX FS translator
>   option directory /opt        # Export this directory
> end-volume
> volume rhel2
>   type protocol/server
>   option transport-type tcp/server     # For TCP/IP transport
>   option client-volume-filename /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-client.vol
>   subvolumes export test
>   option auth.ip.rhel2.allow * # Allow access to "brick" volume
> end-volume
* Both xlators (protocol/server and storage/posix) are named as rhel2. Each
translator instance should be given a different name.

* protocol/server lists "export" as one of its subvolumes, which is not
present in the specfile. Try removing it if you dont need it.

* server should have "option client-volume-specfile
<glusterfs-volume-specification-file>" or a client-specfile should be
present as <glusterfs-install-prefix>/etc/glusterfs-client.vol

> [root at rhel2 ~]#
> client
> [root at test ~]# cat /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-client.vol
> volume rhel2
>   type protocol/client
>   option transport-type tcp/client
>   option remote-host
>   option remote-subvolume rhel2
> end-volume
> [root at test ~]#
> problem:
> [root at test ~]# glusterfs --server /mnt/glusterfs/
> --volume-name r                                              hel2
> glusterfs: could not open specfile

> [root at test ~]#
> Apart from these i have few doubts,
> 1)In our website it told that gluster there is no single point of failure.
> But as per configuration point of view it is like server and client model
> so if server fails
> client cannot able to mount.
No single point of failure when glusterfs is run in clustered mode. What it
exactly means that there is nothing like a single metadata server, failure
of which renders cluster not operational (Though currently unify has a
limitation in the form of namespace, which will be fixed in future

> 2)In server how can i confirm whether server was exported or not where as
> in NFS we have command to check showmount.
There is no tool currently which tell the directories exported by server.
But this can be found out by checking logfiles of server.

> kindly inform me If iam doing wrong, it will help full for me to go further
> checks.
> Thanks and Regards
> G.Rajasekhar,
> System Engineer.
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