[Gluster-users] Add/remove new server volumes on the fly?

ferrety ferrety yferrety at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 19:44:46 UTC 2008

Hi Amar,

>> 1. While learning GlusterFS, I'was wondering if it's possible to add
>> server volumes to increase space capacity of my cluster "on the FLY"?
>> I mean, a hot upgrade.
> Hope you checked the Roadmap, we have it coming in 1.5 release (planned to
> it ready by yearend).

Didn't check it yet. I'll do.

>> 2. Second, when using "files replicating strategy" (scheduler), is it
>> possible to remove a server node  without stopping the hole cluster
>> (ex. hardware maintaining reasons, add more disk/ram to the node ...)?
> Scheduler is not the term you may be looking at... check AFR (automatic file
> replication), and yes, if you are using, you can take out the node when
> cluster is active.

Oups. You're right. AFR is better.

>> 3. Finally, what's the best volume specifications for writing huge
>> number (hundred thousands) of big file (1 Gb size in average) on my
>> cluster?
>> I've an application which produce these big files at a regular rate
>> (let say, 1 file per minute)  and I'd like to know if a good volume
>> scpecification
>> can handle this amount of data?
> Well, at the rate of 1GB per minute, you will hit the disk speed, hence
> stripe is better option. But with Stripe translator you will not be able to
> take out the nodes.

My process is creating N (big) files per minute no more (N is usually
equals to 2 or 4).
I'm not considering to use Stripe translator. AFR will do the job for
me I think.

What I'd like to setup is a specification which will replicate 3
copies of these big files as fast as possible.
So, is it possible to have a mix strategy (AFR translator, ALU
scheduler and unify) which spread exactly
3 copies of each files over K servers (K=10, but could be more)?

I saw an AFR translator option in the WIKI to specify the number of copies:
option replicate *:a_number

It is correct to use this option when the number servers K (i.e 10) is
greater than
the number of copies (i.e 3)?

Or, is this option deprecated for newer versions (> 1.3.7)? If yes,
how can I achieve that please?

Thanks again


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