[Gluster-users] Add/remove new server volumes on the fly?

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Fri Aug 15 19:16:31 UTC 2008

At 03:25 AM 8/15/2008, ferrety ferrety wrote:
>Hi list,
>1. While learning GlusterFS, I'was wondering if it's possible to add
>server volumes to increase space capacity of my cluster "on the FLY"?
>I mean, a hot upgrade.

I'd *think* could could add bricks to an existing unify volume.  I'm 
not sure if you'd have to remount the clients or not.  you'd have to 
restart the server--I'm not sure of a sighup will do the job or 
not.  Someone more qualified will answer I'm sure, but I'd think just 
adding bricks will add space.

>2. Second, when using "files replicating strategy" (scheduler), is it
>possible to remove a server node  without stopping the hole cluster
>(ex. hardware maintaining reasons, add more disk/ram to the node ...)?

if you have multiple servers AFR'ed, if one server is down, the rest 
will continue after the timeout period.  when that servers back on 
line it will coninue AFRing to it.
Remember, AFR does healing when files are accessed, so the server 
that's offline may be out of sync until any updated files are accessed again.

>3. Finally, what's the best volume specifications for writing huge
>number (hundred thousands) of big file (1 Gb size in average) on my
>I've an application which produce these big files at a regular rate
>(let say, 1 file per minute)  and I'd like to know if a good volume
>can handle this amount of data?
>Examples will be very welcome guys.
>Thanks in advance.
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