[Gluster-infra] Timeout for jenkins builds

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Thu Jan 7 10:56:48 UTC 2016

On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 03:32:57PM +0530, Raghavendra Talur wrote:
> Hi,
> I have enabled timeouts for jenkins builds.
> Regression on CentOS and NetBSD now both have a 300 minutes(5 hour) timeout
> and tests will be marked "FAILED" when if it does not complete by then.

Do you know who is investigating these hangs?

> This is keeping in view the recent hangs which ran tests for more than
> 10-14 hour.
> Also, the script used in NetBSD does not do any cleanup between runs like
> the CentOS script does.
> I did not modify it for now but we should. Let me know If someone wants to
> take it up. I will have a go at it next week if there are no replies.

It would be nice to have an extremely simple Jenkins job, that only
executes a script that is located on disk. Could we get such a script in
https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs-patch-acceptance-tests so that we
can easily start running regression tests in the CentOS CI as well?

I would also like to have the Jenkins jobs exported as XML and saved in
the same git repository. That should make it much easier to import the
jobs in other Jenkins environments. Exporting and importing can be done
with the Jenkins CLI, see http://build.gluster.org/cli for details.

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