[Gluster-infra] Gluster.org website revamp

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at redhat.com
Wed Nov 19 13:54:52 UTC 2014

Hello, I'm new on this list. :-)

* TL;DR: Hi, let's fix this. Link to a mockup in the end. *

I am a designer in the Open Source & Standards team at 
Red Hat, working in Helsinki, Finland. I did the current
design for www.gluster.org and I am sorry for the lack of recent 
attention from my part due to getting dragged into other projects 
in the meanwhile. In any case, let's fix this.

I had a brief meeting with Davemc last week, and we discussed the 
current issues and we came up with a few quick suggestions to fix
the worst problems quickly and then plan a more through investigation 
of how the community works, and what kind of tools would work.

Our main idea was that the website is kinda like a shop in a busy street:

* The main store promotes the project, has friendly people who take
  care of you, help you choose what you need and get you started 
  with installation and first steps. You become a customer and 
  hopefully walk out happy and return when you have additional
  needs. This is fairly compact and static in content.

* The store has also a community "back room" for hacking. A bit like 
  a bazaar or the "genius bar" in the Apple store. This is where the 
  clerk leads you when you have more in depth questions or problems - 
  or if you want to get more involved in the project. I guess this 
  happens in the wiki right now.

Immediate ideas we had:

 * Download -> Should be prominent in the frontpage, leading to 
   a subpage with quickstart instructions for common cases / 
   and distributions, pointer for more tutorials.

 * About -> At least project governance could be explained here

 * Announcements / News / Events should be visible in the frontpage
 * "Suggest a feature" wiki template (with instructions) could also
   be linked from the frontpage.

I did a bit of a mockup by changing the current site with these
ideas and put it up for review here: 


Be warned that links can be broken and the content is bogus here and there,
but it should be useful as a food for additional thought. 


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> Hi Dave,
> Found out that you're planning to revamp the Gluster project website.
> As it happens, I was proposing something similar (discussed in a previous
> email to the list), and would be interested to know if we're talking about
> things somewhat similar. If we're talking about grossly the same thing, and
> investing efforts, then let's figure how can we work in sync to achieve it.
> If you please tell/link us to your proposal, that'd be great.
> CC'd Infra list & Louis for their thoughts/inputs.
> Thanks,
> Deb
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