[Gluster-devel] gluster questions

Brent A Nelson brent at phys.ufl.edu
Wed Feb 6 19:56:02 UTC 2008

On Tue, 5 Feb 2008, Jonathan Fine wrote:

> Brent,
> This sounds like exactly what I was looking for.  Now a couple of more 
> questions:
> Is the TLA code considered production ready?  OR is this testing code that 
> may still have some bugs?  Since I will be using this for home directories in 
> a research environment, I need something that is stable.

Theoretically, the TLAs could have bugs and need further testing.  In 
practice, they generally seem better than the last stable release, as they 
mostly contain bug fixes.  I personally believe that the recent TLAs have 
been very good and would use them over 1.3.7 (quite a few bug fixes have 
been made since then).  However, the developers have indicated that the 
official, stable 1.3.8 release, from recent TLAs, should be right around 
the corner.

> What does disabling direct-io do and how does it affect glusterfs and NFS?  I 
> looked it up on the client commandline options page of the wiki, but that 
> didn't really give an in depth explanation.

Disabling direct-io will probably lower performance but should have no 
other observable effect, as far as I understand.



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