[Gluster-devel] Suggestions from a lazy guy

Steffen Grunewald steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de
Wed Oct 24 12:08:41 UTC 2007

> I like to think I'm a lazy person. Usually I'm always thinking: how can I
> make my work easier. I'm that kind of person that would work a little bit
> more in the beginning to work less latter.

Welcome. Laziness is an important driving force IMHO :-)

> After the completely open and objective-less sentence above, I have a few
> suggestions to help with my lazy way of life:
> 1 - Everyday when I get to my office I go to zresearch's FTP server to check
> if there is a new version of GlusterFS available. It would help a lot if
> there was an announcement of some kind everytime a new release was made done
> (through gluster-devel or any other list). What do you think? Still about
> new versions, because there isn't a changelog, how do I know witch TLA
> corresponds to witch version? If you get the tgz's timestamp you can check
> the TLA changelog time and guess, but it is too much work... What do you
> think?

There have been requests for adding a reference to the tla revision before.

And, indeed, what I'm doing here is exactly what you describe, only that I
use wget -m to automatically mirror the tree, and look for newer releases
of glusterfs and fuse which I haven't yet seen before (and Debianized)

> 2 - Every time I answer something to the list I have to change the recipient
> of the message to gluster-devel at ... . Usually I don't and I have to send the
> message twice. What do you think about making it automatically? Well, this
> is only good if the cases where you want you answer to the list outweigh
> those where you want to send your answer to the sender only. I'm with the
> first. Dunno about everybody else.

There's an almost religious war whether mailing lists should set their
Reply-To: to the list address or leave what the author put in.


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