[Gluster-devel] Suggestions from a lazy guy

Daniel van Ham Colchete daniel.colchete at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 11:29:33 UTC 2007

Hello yall,

I like to think I'm a lazy person. Usually I'm always thinking: how can I
make my work easier. I'm that kind of person that would work a little bit
more in the beginning to work less latter.

After the completely open and objective-less sentence above, I have a few
suggestions to help with my lazy way of life:

1 - Everyday when I get to my office I go to zresearch's FTP server to check
if there is a new version of GlusterFS available. It would help a lot if
there was an announcement of some kind everytime a new release was made done
(through gluster-devel or any other list). What do you think? Still about
new versions, because there isn't a changelog, how do I know witch TLA
corresponds to witch version? If you get the tgz's timestamp you can check
the TLA changelog time and guess, but it is too much work... What do you

2 - Every time I answer something to the list I have to change the recipient
of the message to gluster-devel at ... . Usually I don't and I have to send the
message twice. What do you think about making it automatically? Well, this
is only good if the cases where you want you answer to the list outweigh
those where you want to send your answer to the sender only. I'm with the
first. Dunno about everybody else.

Hope to have helped.

Best regards,

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