[Gluster-devel] exporting glusterfs with samba

Miklos Balazs mbalazs at gmail.com
Wed May 16 13:01:24 UTC 2007

Dear Gluster Hackers,

I have configured a Gluster cluster with 2 nodes mirroring each other
(with afr), and I have experienced very good performance with the fuse
client under Linux. However, if I export this filesystem with Samba (I
have tryed exporting from a separate gateway node, and also mounting
the filesystem on the cluster nodes and exporting from there), I see
very bad write performance: 5Mbytes/s aggregate bandwidth. I doesn't
matter if I write with multiple threads, or even writing from multiple
client machines at the same time, the aggregate bandwidth never gets
more than 5-6M/s.

Is this a known issue, or has anyone managed to export glusterfs with
samba with good performance? If so, can You give me some hints on
optimizing samba?

Thanks! And BTW, You have done great work with Gluster. I was using
Lustre before, but building and managing a HA cluster with Lustre was
a pain.. Gluster's architecture is much simpler and cleaner.

Miklos Balazs

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