[Gluster-devel] exporting glusterfs with samba

Sebastien LELIEVRE slelievre at tbs-internet.com
Wed May 16 13:06:29 UTC 2007

Hi Miklos,

Just to be sure : Are you using the write-behind translator?



Miklos Balazs a écrit :
> Dear Gluster Hackers,
> I have configured a Gluster cluster with 2 nodes mirroring each other
> (with afr), and I have experienced very good performance with the fuse
> client under Linux. However, if I export this filesystem with Samba (I
> have tryed exporting from a separate gateway node, and also mounting
> the filesystem on the cluster nodes and exporting from there), I see
> very bad write performance: 5Mbytes/s aggregate bandwidth. I doesn't
> matter if I write with multiple threads, or even writing from multiple
> client machines at the same time, the aggregate bandwidth never gets
> more than 5-6M/s.
> Is this a known issue, or has anyone managed to export glusterfs with
> samba with good performance? If so, can You give me some hints on
> optimizing samba?
> Thanks! And BTW, You have done great work with Gluster. I was using
> Lustre before, but building and managing a HA cluster with Lustre was
> a pain.. Gluster's architecture is much simpler and cleaner.
> Miklos Balazs

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