[Bugs] [Bug 1760399] WORMed files couldn't be migrated during rebalancing

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Sat Oct 12 03:02:44 UTC 2019


--- Comment #4 from Mohit Agrawal <moagrawa at redhat.com> ---
Hi David,

  It is not a legitimate way to access volume through negative client-pid.
  By default mount.glustefs script does not pass any client-pid argument to the
fuse process. 
  The fuse process internal fop request will not pass negative pid to the
server unless the user 
  will not mount a volume without using mount command and pass the negative
client-pid directly 
  to the glusterfs process so we think it is not a bug and there is no harm
  this option. Multiple times we use negative PID to execute script-based file
migration and 
  own testing purposes.

  To restrict malicious client access user can configure (auth.allow) without
hurting any performance.

Mohit Agrawal

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