[Bugs] [Bug 1728183] SMBD thread panics on file operations from Windows, OS X and Linux when using vfs_glusterfs

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Tue Nov 5 10:04:27 UTC 2019


--- Comment #13 from ryan at 7fivefive.com ---
Hi Anoop,

I believe we have found the issue with this, however require some assistance
with the workaround.
When running the op-version at 40100 with Gluster 6.5 we don't have any issues.
However, when running at the max cluster op version of 60000 we get lots of
panics in the SMB logs.
I contacted Sernet about this, and it seems the issue is because they still
compile the VFS against Gluster 3.12.
We're going to try testing with a package compiled against 6.5 to see if the
issue goes away.

In the meantime, is it possible to downgrade the op-version?

Many thanks,

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