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Mon Mar 4 04:57:01 UTC 2019


--- Comment #52 from abhays <abhaysingh1722 at yahoo.in> ---
(In reply to Raghavendra Bhat from comment #50)
> Hi,
> Thanks for the logs. From the logs saw that the following things are
> happening.
> 1) The scrubbing is started
> 2) Scrubber always decides whether a file is corrupted or not by comparing
> the stored on-disk signature (gets by getxattr) with its own calculated
> signature of the file.
> 3) Here, while getting the on-disk signature, getxattr is failing with
> ENOMEM (i.e. Cannot allocate memory) because of the endianness.
> 4) Further testcases in the test fail because, they expect the bad-file
> extended attribute to be present which scrubber could not set because of the
> above error (i.e. had it been able to successfully get the signature of the
> file via getxattr, it would have been able to compare the signature with its
> own calculated signature and set the bad-file extended attribute to indicate
> the file is corrupted).
> Looking at the code to come up with a fix to address this.

Thanks for the reply @Raghavendra. We are also looking into the same.

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