[Bugs] [Bug 1724624] LINK does not invalidate metadata cache of parent directory

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Fri Jun 28 01:31:57 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from homma at allworks.co.jp ---
I saw the source code, and found that in up_link_cbk(),
upcall_cache_invalidate() is called with flags=UP_UPDATE_CLIENT for the parent
When upcall_cache_invalidate() is called with flags=UP_UPDATE_CLIENT (equals to
UP_ATIME), cache-invalidation notification is not sent to the clients.
It also applies to up_unlink_cbk(), up_rename_cbk(), and up_rmdir_cbk(). 

In all cases, upcall_cache_invalidate() is called with UP_PARENT_DENTRY_FLAGS
for the inode that is created/deleted/renamed, but notification will never be
sent to clients that have cache entry of only the parent directory.

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