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--- Comment #6 from Eli Schwartz <eschwartz at archlinux.org> ---
BTW: Arch Linux decided to take advantage of sysusers.d for account creation,
because it is more convenient than running lots of post-install shellscript
fragments and because it can recover from a wiped passwd db in time to make the
corresponding tmpfiles.d succeed.

I am curious why Fedora guidelines say not to use them. It looks like that page
is very, very old, its current form dates to 2013-04-17, and systemd added the
sysusers.d file format and systemd-sysusers tool with systemd 215, released
2014-07-03. Perhaps it has simply never been updated since then?

I know systemd ships with its own sysusers.d snippets internally, and according
it also packages them.
The specfile at
https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/systemd/blob/master/f/systemd.spec does not
seem to delete the sysusers.d files, but it does *additionally* include %pre
macros which execute useradd/groupadd.

This would indicate, perhaps, that glusterfs should both (optionally) install a
sysusers.d file, and (mandatory) run useradd in %pre.

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