[Bugs] [Bug 1721353] Run 'line-coverage' regression runs on a latest fedora machine (say fedora30).

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Tue Jun 18 06:23:14 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Amar Tumballi <atumball at redhat.com> ---
Ok, when I used the lcov tool with the same commands as that of lcov.sh from
build-jobs repo, I got below numbers for stack.h (which I used as an example

on current builder :  stack.h - lines(262/497 - 52.7%), functions(17/41 -
on fedora29 (local):  stack.h - lines(94/111  - 84.7%), functions(6/7 - 85.7%)

I hope just by running the regression on fedora, we would get more up-to-date
information, and more coverage details. Just note that I suspect this to be
more of an header file specific details, and even then, up-to-date information
is better than stale info.

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